ARIS Cloud

Pokročilý online nástroj pro popis a analýzu firemních procesů. Umožňuje spolupráci na zlepšení procesů.

Produktové oblasti

  • Řízení firemních procesů (BPM)

Popis ARIS Cloud

ARIS Cloud users can design processes following standard modeling notations like event-driven process chain (EPC) or BPMN.  It provides an intuitive user interface to enable all stakeholders to participate in your process improvement project.

Process Sharing

You do not need to be a business process management expert to work with ARIS Cloud. Innovative ways to visualize process content in combination with personalized views enable even inexperienced users to take full advantage of the process content. 

Social Collaboration

Awareness and acceptance are key for a successful process improvement project. Participation always increases these factors. This is why we seamlessly integrated social collaboration capabilities like micro blogging, activity streams or group building in ARIS Cloud.

Process Repository

All content is stored in a repository enabling reuse of objects. So if you use an object for a specific IT system you can reuse this object in each of your processes. Consistency is guaranteed. Your own folder structure keeps your content clear and accessible.

Vlastnosti ARIS Cloud

Řízení firemních procesů (BPM)
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